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2016-17 Kids' Central Preschool Curriculum Calendar
Month Dates Letter Shapes Numbers Theme Bible Story
September 12-15 Pre-letters Squares 1,2,3 Going to School David Was Not Afraid
  19-22 F Squares 1,2,3 Fall and Friends Jesus is My Friend
  26-29 E Squares 1,2,3 Environment Creation
October 3-6 T Circle/Oval 4,5,6 Transportation Ten Commandments
  10-13 I Circle/Oval 4,5,6 Insects Lord's Prayer
  17-20 H Circle/Oval 4,5,6 Health and Safety Jesus in the Temple
  24-27 L Circle/Oval 7,8,9 We Love Pumpkins The Pumpkin Patch Parable
November Oct. 31- Nov. 3 K Rectangle 7,8,9 Kindness and Forgiveness The Unforgiving Servant
  7-10 M Rectangle 7,8,9 Me! (All About Me) God Made You Special
  14-17 N Rectangle 10,11,12 Nutrition Jesus Feeds 5,000 
  21-24 Review Rectangle 10,11,12 Thanksgiving Thank you, God!
November 23rd -25th: Thanksgiving Break!
  28- Dec. 1 A Triangle 1-12 Christmas Advent
December 5-8 V Triangle 1-12 Winter and Hibernation There is a Season for Everything
  12-15 Review Triangle 1-12 Christmas John 3:16
December 19th- January 2nd: Christmas Break!
January 3-5 Review Rhombus Tricky Teens Snowflakes The Prodigal Son
  9-12 W Rhombus Tricky Teens Weather Jesus Calms the Storm
  16-19 Y Rhombus Tricky Teens Martin Luther King Jr.  The Lion and the Lamb (Peace)
  23-26 Z Rhombus Tricky Teens Zoo Animals Zacchaeus
February Jan. 30-Feb. 2nd X Trapezoid 1-20 X-rays You Are Wonderfully Made
  6-9 O Trapezoid 1-20 Oceans Fishers of Men
  13-16 B Trapezoid 1-20 Valentine's Beloved: John 1, 4:7-8
  20-23 C Trapezoid 1-20 Community Helpers Love Thy Neighbor
  27- March 2nd P Hexagon 1-20+ Pajama Week (Opposites) Alpha and Omega
March 6-9 Q Hexagon 1-20+
The Good Samaratin
  13-16 S Hexagon 1-20+
Our Five Senses
The Parable of the Lost Sheep
  20-23 G Hexagon 1-20+ Spring and Things that Grow New Life in Christ
  27-30 D Octagon 1-20+ Dads Daniel in the Lion's Den
April 3rd-7th: Spring Break!
April 10-13 R 3-d  Review Reptiles Joseph's Robe of Many Colors
  17-20 J 3-d  Review Easter Jesus Christ is Risen!
  24-27 U 3-d  Review I'm Unique!  Using our Gifts and Talents
May 1-4 Review Review Review Rhymes What Rhymes with Jesus?
  8-11 Review Review Review Moms Honor Your Mother
  15-18 Review Review Review Summertime! Let Your Light Shine!
22-25 Review Review Review We're wrapping it up to move on up!
Other No-School Holidays: Jan. 16th for MLK Jr. Day, and Feb. 20th for Presidents' Day

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