Welcome to Kids' Central Preschool!
"Where your child and God's love are Central."
We are extremely blessed and excited to be one of the first steps in your child's educational journey.  We are dedicated to working with you so that this is a positive, happy, and educational experience for your child.

Kids' Central Preschool is a Christian preschool with emphasis on quality education, faith and diversity.  It is our commitment to show your child the love of Jesus; the grace and mercy He provides us. 

We believe that all children are blessings from God and we cherish each child's individuality.  At Kids' Central, we celebrate our differences and value teaching others about those differences.  It is our hope that through this education your child will learn the beauty of diversity and the valuable lesson of accepting and loving others for who they are.

Kids' Central Preschool is open to every child in the community, because we believe that enriching our children at an early age through education, and most importantly the love of God, sets a foundation of better citizens for our future.

For more information please check out www.kidscentralpreschool.net or call the office at 360.734.7180

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