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Have Your Wedding at Central Lutheran
Kiln 1972

General Policies

1. All weddings held at Central Lutheran must make use of one of the pastors, and the wedding coordinator of Central Lutheran Church.

2. The bride and groom shall schedule the wedding and the rehearsal with the church office and the pastor.

3. When the wedding and rehearsal have been scheduled, the bride shall immediately contact the wedding coordinator and the organist. The wedding coordinator can relieve you of much anxiety by answering your questions, arranging for the reception IF it is to be held in the church; aiding the wedding party and guests prior to the ceremony, and guiding the participants in the processional that they may enter at the appropriate time. She will also oversee the reception.

4. All fees shall be paid to the wedding coordinator immediately prior to the rehearsal as follows: the pastors, custodian, organist/pianist, wedding coordinator, and soloist(s) fees are to be paid directly to those individuals by the wedding party. Fees for building use shall be submitted to Central Lutheran Church, Fees for Women of Central for reception shall be submitted to CLCW.







1. In decorating the sanctuary or social rooms, no item of furniture shall be moved; this includes the altar and altar cross, the altar paraments, and other church fixtures, such as the American flag, the Christian flag, the hymn numbers, etc. The Narthex contains various printed materials necessary to the mission of Central Lutheran Church. These should not be moved by anyone connected with the wedding party.

2. There shall be no artificial flowers used on the altar. If you would like to leave altar arrangements for church services the same weekend as your wedding, contact the Church Office @ 734-7180 so that congratulations and an acknowledgement can be printed in the Sunday bulletin.

3. The church has available two brass altar candles and two brass candelabra as well as a brass unity candle. Any other candelabra must be arranged for by the bridal party. No candles may be used on the pews or the aisles except those enclosed in glass lanterns.

4. No nails, clamps, tacks, pins or other damaging materials shall be used on walls or furnishings or on the ends of pews. The bridal party shall be responsible for the proper conduct of the florist, photographers, and any other outside services in order that the rules concerning decorating and non- removal of furnishings be observed.

5. All music must be Christian and sacred in orientation and is subject to the prior approval of the pastor. Soloists are the responsibility of the bridal couple; fees or honorariums for their services are to be arranged by the bridal couple.

6. Photographs: As the wedding is a sacred worship service, NO flash pictures are to be taken during the ceremony, though a professional photographer with adequate equipment may take a "timed" photo from the balcony. A flash picture may be taken at the back of the sanctuary before the bride starts down the aisle and after the ceremony as the wedding party walks up the aisle to the exit. Formal pictures taken before the ceremony MUST be completed at least one-half hour prior to the scheduled time of the wedding. Pictures beside the wedding cake are to be taken before the wedding service.

7. The church sound system will be activated by the church custodian. If a member of the wedding party needs access to the sound system (use of tapes, etc.) they should make special arrangements with the pastor or the custodian. No-one should touch the sound board without prior permission. No external devices such as CD players, etc. shall be used in conjunction with the church sound system.

8. A good rehearsal is the forerunner of an orderly and happy wedding. The pastor and/or the wedding coordinator will conduct the rehearsal with the assistance of the organist.

9. Plan to obtain the marriage license well in advance. The license is valid for sixty days after it is issued. A three day waiting period is required between the time of application and issuance. Both parties, with one witness, must make the application in person, though only one person need pick up the license. Only marriage licenses issued by counties in Washington State are valid for weddings performed in Washington. Bring the license to the rehearsal


A beautifully appointed and complete traditional wedding reception can be arranged through the Wedding Coordinator in the congregation's fellowship hall.

The following equipment is available:

Two silver tea service;  Cups and plates;  Nut and mint dishes; Silver forks and teaspoons;  Glass serving plates;     

Punch bowl and ladle;  One silver cake knife; Lace tablecloths;  Some colored tablecloth liners

The bride provides all food, prepared and ready to serve

Tea bags (one small box);  Coffee (1 pound serves 85);  Cube sugar (one small box);  Half and Half (one pint);

Wedding cake;  Napkins for cake and punch tables;  Guest book and pen;  Groom's cake or scrolls (optional)

Basket for above;  Punch or ingredients and recipe if the women are to make it;  Ice ring if needed;  Mints and nuts (optional)

Cookies - breaks (optional);  One lemon (optional);  Boxes for cake top and leftover cake, etc;  Plastic wrap for above (Saran etc.)

(Bride's list of supplies, continued) Cellophane tape for gift-receivers to tape cards on packages;  Safety pins, needle and thread,

bobby pins, etc. for emergencies


                                         MEMBERS *      NON-MEMBERS

Pastor                                             $150.00

Wedding Coordinator               $90.00            $90.00

w/reception                            $100.00          $100.00

Music - soloist:                   To be arranged with soloist

Organist/pianist                       $75.00           $75.00

(If other then $25.00 to sound system)

Custodian                                $65.00          $65.00

W/reception                             $90.00          $90.00

Reception Facilitator                         $65.00

Reception - Women of Central

First 120 guests:                      $200.00        $400.00

Each additional guest:                   $2.00/person

Building use                                     $400.00

W/reception                                     $500:00

Sound System - Social Room              $20.00

Time limit of 3 hours from the beginning of the ceremony to the end of reception (example wedding 2:00pm - end 5:00pm)

No ALCOHOL can be served in the church facilities.

Average total without reception

                                               $380.00         $780.00

*(denotes Central Lutheran Church membership


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