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Sternberg Hall: Residing Together in Faith

Central Lutheran Church has repurposed our Education Building to host a faith based intentional community residence hall. This will be an intentional community of college students who wish to live together in a dormitory lifestyle with other students who share faith and faith values. Primarily focused in the Lutheran tradition of the Christian Faith, these students may attend any of the three colleges in Bellingham. The building itself has been remodeled to comply with the standard required facilities for a residence hall. While a kitchenette with microwaves and table top appliances is planned for occasional individual meal preparation, food service will not be provided here as it is available on campus.


The primary focus of this activity is Central Lutheran Campus Ministry. CLCM’s goal is to provide a congregational based campus ministry that incorporates college students into the ongoing ministry of the congregation while attending college.

For many of these students, attending college means being away from their home town congregations. The very traditional activities of the congregation, such as Sunday Worship, bible studies, and fellowship and service activities provide a means for students to be connected to familiar faith practices.


CLCM offers more. Students are encouraged to develop mature identities that reflect their education goals, define faith identities, and to develop leadership and mission skills. College is a time for developing life strategies for the big questions of identity, faith, and response to the world’s needs and benefits. CLCM encourages students to explore the intellectual and spiritual aspects of values and ethics through discussion and life experiences. Worship and study of the scriptures becomes the gate way to service projects and involvement with structures of modern society. This creates an organized response and action in response to the issues faced in everyday life.


Within CLCM is a safe place for students seeking a new, or even first, relationship with, and, understanding of God and God’s activities in the world. While most of these activities are held within the main building itself, CLCM will reach out beyond the building for many of these experiences and activities. By the nature of being a college student organization, much of the organizing and planning is student directed, or at least heavily influenced by student involvement.


While many of these activities are currently part of the larger ministry of CLC, the residence hall will create an additional component of an intentional residential community, where students may engage as a group in these efforts. The residential community, while first being students with the goal of completely the academic requirement of their college, will offer a supportive and safe atmosphere that is faith based and faith friendly. Nurtured within the community will be relationship and a communal strength between students that will allow for new experience and opportunity that individually would be difficult.


Please feel free to contact me if I may be helpful in anyway to assist in the application process or answer any questions about resident life.  360-319-9001


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